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Top Ten LGBTQ Magazines


List of the top 10 LGBTQ magazines in the US based on audited and reported circulation figures:

1.   Out – 203,039
2.   Advocate – 187,791
3.   Instinct Magazine – 128,258
4.   Metrosource – 126,487
5.   San Francisco Bay Times – 120,000
6.   Official New York City Pride Guide – 100,000
7.   Pink Magazine – 100,000
8.   Passport – 73,800
9.   Cybersocket – 69,900
10. Curve – 69,650l



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LGBTQ Magazines

Bi Magazine | American Institute of Bisexuality / Arts, Culture & Society
Compete Magazine | Media Out Loud | Sports Events, Athletes
Edge Media Network | LGBTQ News and Entertainment
GALA Magazine | LGBTQ Artists
Gay SOFLA Magazine | South Florida
GLAM / Gay & Lesbian Alternative Magazine | LGBTQ Artists and Musicians
Lesbian News | Jinx Beers
LGBTQ Today | Gay Nichols Publishing | LGBTQ Activism
National Gay News | Norm E. Kent
OMG! Magazine | OMG Multimedia Companies
Out Front | Q Publishing Group
Pink Magazine | David Cohen
Queer'd Magazine | Queer'd Entertainment
Gay Times

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Bay Area Reporter



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Out Magazine


Lavender Magazine

Curve Lesbian Magazine

Out Smart Magazine

LGBTQ Weekly News

Pride Magazine

Fuse Magazine

Huffington Post|Queer Voices


Washington Blade

Bay Area Reporter


Queerspace Magazine


BuzzFeed|LGBTQ Section


Equal Voice News & Opinion|LGBTQ Category

LGBTQ Nation

Queer Cafe|LGBTQ Information Network

Rainbow Times

LGBT History Month Magazine

Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide|LGBTQ Journal of Arts, Culture, Politics

Attitude Magazine

Rainbow Rumpus

Pink News

On Top Magazine

Respect Magazine|Co-Op Respect LGBTQ



Trans Mags

Trans Global Magazine

Frock Magazine

Trans Health Magazine

Trans Living


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List of LGBTQ Periodicals

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LGBTQ YouTube Channels


I'm From Driftwood

Rowan Ellis

LGBTQ Top Lists

Jeffrey Marsh

Tyler Oakley


Queer Network

United Nations Human Rights


Amelia Ace

RuPaul's Drag Race

Ashley Wylde


Queerspace Magazine

Celeste M

Human Rights Campaign

Matt and Blue

Keara Graves

Go Charlie

Adventures of Zach and B


Queer Cafe


LGBTQ Journals

Canadian Online Journal of Queer Studies in Education
Columbia Journal of Gender & Law
Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy
Gay and Lesbian Issues and Psychology Review
Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide
GLQ: Journal of Gay & Lesbian Studies
InterAlia: Journal of Queer Studies (English/Polish Language)
International Journal of Sexuality and Gender Studies
International Journal of Transgenderism
Invertito (Yearbook for the History of Homosexuality)
Journal of Bisexuality
Journal of Gay & Lesbian Mental Health
Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Services
Journal of LGBTQ Family Studies
Journal of LGBTQ Issues in Counseling
Journal of LGBTQ Youth
Journal of Homosexuality
Journal of the History of Sexuality
Journal of Lesbian Studies
Lambda Nordica
LBGTQ Health
LBGTQ Policy Journal (Harvard University)
Les Online: Digital Journal on Lesbian Issues
Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity
QED: Journal in LGBTQ Worldmaking
Queer Studies in Media & Popular Culture
SGP: Sexuality, Gender, & Policy Journal (Policy Studies Organization)
SQS: Journal of Queer Studies in Finland
Tulane Journal of Law & Sexuality: Review of Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity in Law
Transgender Health
Transgender Studies Quarterly


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